How To WIFI Router Configuration Step By Step Free Guide USA 2021

How To WIFI Router Configuration Step By Step Free Guide USA 2021

 How To WIFI Router Configuration Step By Step Guide

How To WIFI Router Configuration Step By Step

Introduction: How To WIFI Router Configuration Step By Step Guide

If you guys have chosen your wifi router carefully, then hopefully you are getting started with models that provide you an easy tool for set up like a mobile app or web dashboard. Since every router is different but the information about How To WIFI Router Configuration Step By Step is quite similar. Today we will be talking about the basic steps of how to set up a wifi router.

What Is WiFi Configuration?

If we see from the viewpoint of configuration, the wifi interface may be view as an extension of Ethernet. In addition to TCP/IP and DHCP and NAT configure tabs. It has a wireless tab that allows for the configuration of wireless settings. Let’s talk about what you need to look at before the configuration of your WiFi.

What You Should Consider Before Home wireless network setup

1. Check The Internet Connection: If you don’t have a good internet connection, then the router setup experience will be frustrating. The simplest method is to connect your computer to a modern gateway device supplied by your internet service provider (ISP). If your computer detects the internet connection then you are ready to set up the router.

2. Use An App To Check: Many routers manufacturers provide services like mobile apps or web dashboards that could be used for both setting up and management. By using a smartphone app, you may not have to connect the router to the computer to configure it. Check the documentation that came with your router to see if an app is available.

3. Install And Extend The Antenna: If your router has an antenna and they are separate from the router box, you will need to install them. In addition it, you should extend the antenna before the setting up process.

How To WIFI Router Configuration Step By Step
How To WIFI Router Configuration Step By Step

Steps For How To WIFI Router Configuration Step By Step Guide

Step 1: How To WIFI Router Configuration Step By Step: By Deciding Where You Wanna Place Your Router

The best place to place your wifi router is in an open area of your workplace. As it will even benefit you in coverage. However, sometimes it is not easy to find a space out in your workplace to connect your wifi router. That is because you must connect your wifi router to a broadband gateway from your internet service provider (ISP), which is usually attached to a cable that is near an outside wall.

Step 2: How To WIFI Router Configuration Step By Step: By Connecting It To the Internet

To solve the problem regarding long distance when it comes to connecting with a wifi router. In that case, you can use a CAT5e or CAT6 cable to connect the router to the ISP gateway ethernet port. Another thing you can do is to run ethernet cables through the walls of your office to the chosen central location of your workplace.

Yet another thing you can do is that you can install a mesh network with a router. A mesh network allows you to place multiple WiFi transmitters across your workplace or across your home. Just not like extenders that can be used with any type of wireless router, while the mesh network require a router with this built-in capability.

The option you choose does not matter, because you will use a basic ethernet cable, plugged into the router-wide network or in an internet port. What basically internet port does is set apart from different ports by a different color.

Check The LEDs Light Of Your Wifi Router

It’s an easy way to tell. Check the led light of your wi-fi router, it will tell if you have successfully made an active internet connection. If you are not seeing any light, then make sure that you have connected wires in the right ports.

Test The Connection With The Help Of A Device 

You can confirm that your WiFi router is working by plugging a laptop or a computer into one device port. Which are there on the back of your wifi router. If all goes perfectly then you should be able to start a wired connection, similarly as you did when confirming an active internet connection.

Step 3: How To WIFI Router Configuration Step By Step: By Configureing The Gateway Of WiFi Router

In some cases, the internet service provider offers customers a gateway, especially with built-in routers. In most cases there combined devices are not specifically built for the business environment and nor do they have any extra ports, security, and other options too. All these features allow you to add services and expand networks as the business grows.

If you are having a gateway with an integrated router, you will have to configure the gateway to disable the WiFi router and pass the WAN IP address. The unique internet protocol address that is assigned by the internet provider through your new router.

If you skip this step you may run into conflicts that could prevent the device from working properly. You need to contact your internet service provider to get help with this step.

Step:4 How To WIFI Router Configuration Step By Step: By Connecting Your Gateway To Your Wifi Router

Firstly turn off your gateway. If there is already an Ethernet cable plugged into the Gateway local area network (LAN) port. Unplug the cable and then plug it into your wifi WAN port. Turn the gateway back on and give it a few minutes to boot up. Plug the router’s power supply and turn it on and again wait a few minutes.

Step 5: How To WIFI Router Configuration Step By Step: By Using An App Or A Dashboard

The easiest way to continue with your wifi configuration is to use a mobile app if the router maker provides one. If you don’t have access to any app or you had rather use the router web-based dashboard, connect the router to a computer via an Ethernet cable. You might found that the IP address is printed on the back of the device itself. But if it is not then type, a common wifi router address into the browser search bar.

Step 6: How To WIFI Router Configuration Step By Step: By Giving A Username And Password To Your Wifi Router

To configure your wifi router you need to log in first by using its default admin name and password. You can easily find this information printed on the router itself or maybe in the accompanying manual. Next enter all credentials. Once you got in, you should immediately create a new username and a new password. The defaults are usually like something “admin” and the password is “1234”. Which are positively not secure that is why you have to make sure that you change them at the first opportunity.

 Step 7: How To WIFI Router Configuration Step By Step: By Creating Password Of Your WiFi Router

As most of the WiFi routers come with pre-assign admin usernames and passwords, most also come with a present WiFi username and password. You will likely be promoted to change the WiFi username and password, but even if you don’t see such a prompt, then plan to do it quickly.

Step 8: How To WIFI Router Configuration Step By Step: By The Use Auto Configuration Tools Where Possible

If your wifi router is equipped with auto-install features, rely on them as they would help you in completing set-up. For example, you are able to use auto-configuration to manage IP addresses with the dynamic host configuration protocol, which automatically assigns IP addresses to devices. You can easily change these addresses later.

Step 9: How To WIFI Router Configuration Step By Step: By Setting Up The Security Of Your WiFi Router

Many Wifi router manufacturers provide you security functionality to safeguard network and user privacy. You can log in to the web dashboard and enabling added security features like firewall, web filtering, and access control that will protect you from malicious traffic. You can also set up the virtual private network (VPN) for privacy purposes.

Conclusion: How To WIFI Router Configuration Step By Step Guide

Anyone can get an internet connection up and running in a few minutes by using our how to configure wifi router guide. But most of the models hide lesser-known treasures in their setup. If you want to get most of the value possible out of your router investment, consider going beyond of box. Once you are up and running, test your internet speed. I hope our How To WIFI Router Configuration Step By Step guide is fruitful for you guys. Thank you for staying with us till the end.

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