How To Choose A Good Electric Guitar In 5 Easy Steps

How To Choose A Good Electric Guitar In 5 Easy Steps

 How To Choose A Good Electric Guitar

Introduction: How To Choose A Good Electric Guitar In 5 Easy Steps

A guitar is a type of instrument that can keep your plugin for a whole day. Hanging your electric guitar on your shoulder and start playing it just like your hero’s do is a dream of many. But the main problem is How To Choose A Good Electric Guitar. As it is hard for many.

Whether you want to buy an electric guitar for just casual playing or you want to hop into the professional world, learning about the features and its construction is important in both cases. So, it is better to be a bit knowledgeable about it because it would be handy for you at the time you will be getting one.

As it will not only help you to find a good deal for you but it will also help you to get rid of those mysterious problems you will be facing after coming back to your home. So without wasting any further time let’s find How To Choose A Good Electric Guitar In 5 Easy Steps.

How To Choose A Good Electric Guitar In 5 Easy Steps

How To Choose A Good Electric Guitar In 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: How To Choose A Good Electric Guitar, Get Some Basic Knowledge About An Electric Guitar

What you have to do is before going for a purchase you need to grab a bit of knowledge about the basic components of a guitar. Similar to an Acoustic guitar, Electric Guitar is just strings that perform vibrations over wood, but the thing that makes it different is those confuse looking selector switches and those knobs. Let’s further talk about the basic components of an electrical guitar:

Firstly is the pickups that you will find places under the strings when your guitar is plucked. The number of pickups can depend upon the type of your guitar. It could be one or could be as many as four to three. As from the name you can understand these are used for the pickup of your guitar sound. That vibrates the magnetic coil located internally, which results in producing an electric signal that travels the amplifier. This knowledge will help you get a perfect guide about How To Choose A Good Electric Guitar.

Secondly, we are gonna talk about the volume knobs. These volume knobs can be present up to two to three. They are as important as Pick-ups as their functionality is to adjust the output volume of your electric guitar.

Third, on our list is Tone knobs. The functionality of tone knobs is toggle between these high and low frequencies present in the pickup. For each pickup in guitar, there are different toners for each individual.

How To Choose A Good Electric Guitar

Last and final on the list of components is Output Jack. You will generally found the output Jack on the back end of your guitar or maybe at the bottom lip. You can plug your electric guitar into an amplifier via a cable whose one end is inserted in your output Jack. These all points will really help you out with “How to find the right electric guitar”.

Step 2: How To Choose A Good Electric Guitar In 5 Easy Steps By Deciding The Kind Of Body Style You Want For Your Guitar

For an amateur eye, each different shape of electric guitar would seem to be the same. That is why it is difficult for them to know how to pick out a good electric guitar. You would be surprised to know there are different categories on the basis of shape. And each of them has its own and unique subtleties of playing style and sound. Though each body has its own different genres as they say there are no rules. This totally depends upon your personal style of playing guitar and the type of music you want to make.

  • If you go for a guitar whose body is solid then such guitars are sturdy and weighty. They built a solid body is out of a single piece of wood because chambers are non-resonance. I would suggest you play solid guitars through the amplifier. Pickups and electronics are very important for any solid body. Suggested for Rock n roll and metal music.
  • A guitar whose body is hollow from inside is termed a hollow electronic body guitar. You will not find any outsource of sound as they are counted in the category of acoustic guitar. They use pickups that are different in variety as compared to solid body electronic guitar. Playing warm and deep mid-range goes perfectly with this guitar type.
  • Next type we have a semi-hollow electric guitar. It won’t be wrong to say these are the hybrid models. Features a small cut design with a small hollow portion that accounts for its name. They got a bright and chime-like tone which is a perfect gift for any country music. Folk-rock music would also work with it.
  • The last shape type of guitar we have is Acoustic electric guitar. They look identical to an acoustic guitar but the different pickups make them different from an acoustic guitar. There is no doubt that they have fewer features than other forms of electronic guitar. The thing that makes them different from others is their versatility of playing without even using the amplifier.

Step 3: How To Choose A Good Electric Guitar In 5 Easy Steps By Getting A Bit of Knowledge About The Tone Woods

Firstly the sound of any electric guitar comes from its pickup. And these pickups can be further changed, customized, or can be upgraded. Most people don’t give consideration to the wood out of which the guitar is built. That is why beginners are not able to notice the difference. That is why it gets tougher for them to find How to pick the right electric guitar.

So that is why we want to give you guys a brief knowledge about it so you won’t get fooled by a low-grade salesman. That is why it is very important to understand the variety of woods to demystify your process that plays an important role in How To Choose A Good Electric Guitar.

How To Choose A Good Electric Guitar

 I have noticed most of the electric guitars are built up of maple or mahogany wood. These two kinds of wood are only used because maple provides long sustainability and bright character to your guitar. While mahogany wood is famous for its warmth. One more type of wood is used know by the name Poplar. Poplar is famous for its great and crisp higher tone.

Step 4: How To Choose A Good Electric Guitar In 5 Easy Steps By Taking Inspiration From Your Guitar Heros

It is a stating fact why people end up taking a guitar especially electric guitar because they end up looking cooler and smarter than other chaps. Surely this is a legitimate reason why people pick guitars. And they get these feelings of looking awesome from some of their guitar hero’s those who look cools when they are performing on stage. Hope this step would be helpful in knowing how to pick out an electric guitar. This step also plays a vital role in finding out How To Choose A Good Electric Guitar.

Step 5: How To Choose A Good Electric Guitar In 5 Easy Steps By Never Ever Getting Afraid With The Deals

I have seen people falling into this same trap. Most people think that guitars that are super expensive are far better than cheap industry products. Though it is true in some cases. If you take my brotherly advice then I would suggest you not judge over price if you are buying for just learning purposes. So it is better to go for a cheaper model or a second-hand guitar. And use those further token into learning so that you can play something worth. This knowledge will let you figure out How To Choose A Good Electric Guitar.

That sums our list of steps about how to choose the best electric guitar. All of them mentioned above were drawn after detailed research so you really count on it!

Conclusion: How To Choose A Good Electric Guitar In 5 Easy Steps

The only point I would like to draw in my conclusion about how to pick the best electric guitar is that you will find many expensive guitars in stores that do often have some problems with frets and intonation. So try to stay away from these things if you are looking for an actual guitar.

One thing more the starter pack could be inexpensive, but they look like a good product the way they look so don’t get fooled by those too. Well I know all my readers are smart that is why they are here. And I wish you the best of luck with your shopping experience. Thanks a lot for staying with us till the end through our guide about How To Choose A Good Electric Guitar.

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