Affordable E-commerce Website Hosting Comparison USA 2021

Affordable E-commerce Website Hosting Comparison USA 2021

 Affordable E-commerce Website Hosting Comparison USA 2021

Introduction: Affordable E-commerce Website Hosting Comparison USA 2021

Building a web store could help you to sell it to the masses and it is way easier than you think. Affordable E-commerce Website Hosting Comparison USA 2021 will offer a list of hosting services that provide you core e-commerce functionality.

While ramping up to specialist Affordable E-commerce Website Hosting Comparison USA 2021 will give you powerful product catalogs, stock inventory, and business tools. While these products can be wrapped with features. Still, it is very basic to be used.

Whether you are a newbie in e-commerce or already running a busy web store. We have found amazing five hosting plans that could take your selling to the next level. So let hop-up without wasting any time.

What Are E-commerce Web Hosting Services?

E-commerce hosting pertains to a web hosting platform. That serves as an electronic e-commerce website. Features payment processing services, security initiatives, SSL, shopping cart software, and more.

There are many Ecommerce Web hosting services from which you have to choose one. The perfect one depends upon your sales, traffic, site size, budget, and experience with web development.

When you are relying on your website to produce income then you need to start it by selecting the right host.

LIST: Affordable E-commerce Website Hosting Comparison USA 2021

1. BlueHost

Affordable E-commerce Website Hosting Comparison USA 2021

This Company is the best overall eCommerce Web, hosting provider. Blue Host is a company based in Utah that is owned by a web giant. Known as Endurance International Group. Offers basic shared hosting for $2.75( on three years of the contract).

WordPress pro plans start at $9.95 per month. For the money purpose, you get an automated setup for WordPress. Blue Host also provides a Weebly-based website builder. This is a basic browser-based affair that allows you to create a website up to six pages.

And there are no extras like site templates. But still, it is better than nothing. Plus you get this builder with a basic account. There is also good customer support on offer. And the end results are a mix of user-friendly.

Reasons why you should buy Blue Host:

  • The bandwidth is unmetered.
  • You get woocommerce hosting.
  • The domain is free.
  • 24×7 US-based support.

2. iPage

Affordable E-commerce Website Hosting Comparison USA 2021

Setting your first web store up and running is often an expensive business. Well, you will see many service providers do not give many functionalities in their starter pack. So you have to scratch out a high-end specialist plan. So that you can do something useful.

On the other hand, ipage is an exception. Being a template-based website builder and free web store. Makes it even easier for you to design your shop for instance. Well, there are some limits too. The website builder only supports a maximum of six pages for instance.

Still, the introductory price is quite low at 1.66$ a month for up to 36 months. 7.99$ for further renewal. It would be worth buying as you get a learning environment for experimenting. And see what else you can do.

Reasons why you should buy ipage:

  • The starter price is very low.
  • You get a lot of choices of shopping carts.

Reasons why you should not buy ipage:

  • It is limited in some areas.

3. Site Ground

Affordable E-commerce Website Hosting Comparison USA 2021

Well, I have seen many eCommerce Web hosting companies. To go on high efforts to highlight their E-commerce abilities. Site Ground is way different from them. You will not get any headline like “build your web store here”.

The Site Ground plans include the Softaculous Installer. The advantage of it is that it enables the speedy setup of big-name shopping carts. And various e-commerce tools like Presta shop, woocommerce, etc.

Although if you hit any sort of trouble. There is 24/7 support and daily backups. That should help you to quickly recover from the situation.

Reasons why you should buy Site Ground:

  • Site Ground is a simple website builder.
  • You can easily install top shopping carts.
  • You get free SSL.


The IONOS e-commerce website builder is a powerful tool. That is a combination of simple template-based website design. With professional features and functionality. The high-quality design templates help you to speed up quickly.

There aren’t many options but they still look good and can easily be customized according to your needs. IONOS’s most popular account is priced at $20 a month. The first six months are priced at 5$ per month though.

You will be getting support for up to 5000 items. And there is a free domain, an SSL certificate thrown in it. Some basic SEO and some additional extras like Instagram stores and Facebook stores.

The range significantly improves with the next plan that is priced at $35 per month. The first six months’ pricing is $25 per month. In this, you will be getting support for up to 10000 items. And from advanced SEO improvement to shipping to multilingual shops.

The highest plan of IONOS takes your store to some next level. This is done by increasing the product support to unlimited. And allows it to be sold on various marketplace platforms. But the pricing is high. Costing up to $50 per month. The first six months cost $35 per month.

Reasons why you should buy IONOS:

  • IONOS has quality store templates.
  • IONOS is pretty impressive on the integration front.

Reasons why you should not buy IONOS:

  • The cost of IONOS is above average according to me.

5. Liquid Web

Starter plans for Ecommerce hosting that cost less can do a lot more in terms of service quality. The website that is based on shared hosting may be slow or fail entirely. This issue might not be big for small stores. But if you are running a big business then it could be a big issue.

There are no limits on the number of products you can sell and yet you have many powerful ways to present them. This site does not just allow customers to choose product variations from the list. You can show them the pictures which match their section.

The management tools of the store are very flexible. The professional design features include hundreds of responsive themes. And a drag and drop page builder. Your website is hosted on scalable containers.

Premium touches include testing of performance and a staging area where you can test your site. The most excellent thing about a liquid store is its support. Not just the company is available 24/7 for 365 days. It also monitors your store, detecting any issues before you realized them.

Reasons why you should buy Liquid Web:

  • The platform is really fast and reliable.
  • It is a powerful and professional web store.
  • Liquid Web supports physical, virtual, and digital products.

Why It Is Important To Get The Best Ecommerce cloud hosting Services?

In today’s era Ecommerce has become a massively lucrative channel for retailers. However, the quality of the hosting services that are used by many small businesses leaves a lot to be desired. According to reports it has been found that one in three cancels their online transaction due to poor website design.

The risk of providing a bad online experience is clear. 49% of consumers believe that a bad website makes a worse impact on the business. Research has proven that owning an ugly-looking website can become a threat to sales revenue.

Consumers has a high expectations and it is essential for every company to inspire that confidence. Businesses that carefully invest in their web experience. Will see higher levels of customer spend, retention, and referral.

Conclusion: Affordable E-commerce Website Hosting Comparison USA 2021

The choice of choosing the best e-commerce web host for your store will have strong repercussions throughout your store’s lifetime. The performance of your store can be influenced by your host. And also to its security and the quality of support to which you have access.

Well, this is not a decision that you could make lightly. But if you follow our advice you should end up in a right place. If you are having a hard time choosing the correct one. Don’t worry take your time and think about what suits your needs.

Thanks for staying with us till the end!

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