A bright future lies in the field of medical research

A bright future lies in the field of medical research

 There is a lot of research going on in the medical field these days and the demand for specialists is increasing day by day. This has also created many opportunities for those entering the field after the Corona epidemic. Medical research is a part of various researches done for making medicines. Medicine sales figures show that out of 6 lakh patients suffering from kidney and liver cancer in the country, most of them die due to lack of cheap medicines or due to lack of proper research for these medicines.

It is clear from this that just as important as the role of the medical researcher in creating the right medicine for a disease and in the treatment of patients, effective medicines need to be available in the market at the same time. Although the pharmaceutical company, the pharma industry, is not as important as medicine at the moment, medical research is an important area in the field of healthcare. Medical researchers not only carry out research in the medical field, but also do research on a variety of chemicals and their effects on mankind.

Medical research and medical facilities

Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. It is said that careers can be developed in the field of research, development and development of incurable diseases from common diseases. The growing opportunities in medicine research and development can be taken advantage of today by getting education in the field of medical research. No separate course of medical research is available in the country, but candidates with a bachelor's degree in pharmacy or a higher degree in biomedical subjects are considered to be able to shape the future in this field. Students with a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Pharmacy in particular are considered eligible for a job as a medical researcher.


The marks obtained in 10 + 2 in science are more important for getting admission in biomedical or pharmacy courses. After passing HSC with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics or Biology, the student is considered eligible to fill the form for Bachelor level course in Biomedical or Pharmacy. Candidates who have passed HSC with Computer Science in some government and private pharmacy colleges or disciplines are also considered eligible for admission. The procedure for admission is different in every biomedical or pharmacy college or university. While some institutes have to pass competitive examinations for admission to bachelor's degree, many institutes have their own rules for admission. In which direct access can be obtained. In case of percentage for admission also admission can be obtained as per college wise norms. Careers can be pursued by pursuing a master's and doctoral degree after graduation in biomedical or pharmacy.


Chemistry, Biology, Types of Medicine and its derivatives, Human anatomy, Effects of various chemicals on human anatomy, Health, Physics, Mathematics. Hospital and Pharmaceutical - Practical training is considered an important part of the affiliate company during the study period for students who want to go into manufacturing medical research.

Employment opportunities

After obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Biomedical or Pharmacy, the candidate can register with the Pharmacy Council of India and practice independently as a Medical Researcher anywhere in India. There are job opportunities for medical researchers after practical training in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Analytical Unit and Hospital. Medical researchers can get jobs in areas such as health inspections in government health departments, private hospitals or pharmacist companies.

Chemical Drug Technician, Pharmacist, Pathological Lab Technician, Hospital Drug Coordinator, Scientist, Drug Inspector, Drug Therapist, Research Officer, Health Inspector, Reliable Consultant for Drugs, Biotech Industrialist.


Salary is subject to health pay scale in the health department of the government. The salary of a medical researcher is determined according to

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